Postcard from Indonesia

Tony has dedicated his life for badminton since he was a kid.

Train train train …. train hard …. discipline!

He dreams of a victory that would bring fame across the nation.

In May 1998 the Olympic-Games were held in Spain.

There, he won a gold medal.

His dream has been fulfilled.

No words could describe his feeling.

what could you do for your country?


in May 1998 there were Riots in Indonesia.

Inflation and financial crises triggered demonstrations “insisting” the fall of President Soeharto and the New Order Regime.

Mass violence,

Civil turmoil,

Anti-Chinese ethnical violence,

Sexual violence directed at Chinese folk women.

Martha is one of the many gang-rape victims. Her property has been damaged and plundered.

Martha is Tony’s wife.

Martha and Tony are Indonesians with a Chinese-Descendance.

No Words could describe Tony’s feelings.

No Words could describe his grief.

What could your country do for you?

*After 20 years the victims of Indonesia’s Riots from May 1998 are still waiting for justice.

Graphic Journalism for Internazionale
Edition 15 February 2019.

It has been published as an Graphic Essay Anthology as well.
“Postkarte von Hier 2” - HAW-Hamburg & The Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna, 2019.

*This is part of fiction and history. Inspired by experience of Hariyanto Arbi, as he attended Thomas Cup in 1998. Tony and Luna are not real name.